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About Department

Department of sociology had its proud beginning in the year 2013 offering graduate program Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. The mission of this Department is to impart value based education system depending upon the contemporary needs and trends through participation by social methods ensuring the quality of sociological education. Around 200 students are undergoing degree program currently. We complete the portions with a predictable regularity, every year. Periodical tests and examinations are conducted within the prescribed time limit to ensure better results. Study tours, and travel to tribal areas, old age homes etc. are conducted, to ensure the involvement of students in social activities outside the campus. PTA meetings are also conducted by the respective Class tutors. We hope that with the unique cooperation of teachers, students and parents, the Department is sure to achieve greater heights of excellence, in future.

Faculty Members

Smt. Nishitha Kallingal

HOD, Assistant professor

Smt. Prajisha P

Assistant professor

Smt. Remya David

Assistant professor

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