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Master of Commerce [M.Com] in Finance is a postgraduate commerce course that primarily focuses on the systematic study of the concepts in the specialized subjects and topics related to the fields of Accounting and Finance. The duration of the course is two years divided into 4 semesters.

The MCom Finance subjects of study covers: Advance Cost Accounting, Corporate Accounting, Fundamentals of Investments, Financial Derivatives, Financial Management, Financial Markets and Institutions, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, Financial planning, Economic theory, Micro and macro, economics, Tax Laws and Practices, Tax Panning, Insurance and Risk Management, Investment, Management Information Systems, etc.

The course study helps the candidate to gain adequate skills in data handling and quantitative techniques (related to accounting and finance). Those who have successfully completed the course can have wide scope both with regard to higher education like Ph.D and career. One can find endless career opportunities in the financial sector after the completion of the course. Master degree courses in the related area of interest help the candidate to build a strong career in banking or financial service sector.

Students also have a lot of career opportunity in teaching as well. Post-graduation the professionals can also work with some of the finest Tech based companies across the globe handling the most important stuff for the company such as Banks, Investment Firms, Insurance Industry, Economic Consulting Firms, Various Corporate Sectors, etc.

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