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Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Marketing is an undergraduate management course designed to provide a basic understanding of management education and to train the students in communication skills effectively, which inculcate entrepreneurship skills and decision making especially to enhance students' basic marketing concepts and then apply them to marketing strategies. The duration of the course is 3 years with six semesters. This course is suitable for students who are good at verbal communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills. The BBA Marketing job scope in India is vast since it has a wide range of work-areas applications like product marketing, search engine marketing, business marketing operations, email marketing, entrepreneurship, small business development, etc.

BBA course subjects of study covers like- Principles of Management, Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Statistics, Financial Management, Operational Research, Business Mathematics, Management Accounting, Services Management, Retail Marketing, Consumer Behavior, E-Commerce, etc. will help the students to run the business in an effective manner rather than anyone else. The course will focus primarily on management skills and critical thinking, which is significant in the business world. Many programs incorporate training and practical experience, in the form of case projects, presentations, internships, industrial visits, and interaction with experts from the industry as a part of the BBA Course syllabus. It gives an edge over other students due to the practical knowledge a student gets, which is a great way to have the option of excellent career growth following BBA syllabus. Students graduating from BBA Course turn out as active decision-makers. This course would lend insight into financial risks. The subjects and syllabus helps in the development of business and entrepreneurial skills. The students learn a great deal about Management.

After BBA, the graduate can pursue a Master of Business Administration [MBA] course for further expertise in management education and exposure.

A wide range of BBA job opportunities are available for graduates, namely: Finance Manager, Business Administration Researcher, Human Resource Manager, Research and Development Manager, Business Consultant, Information Systems Manager, Marketing Manager in some organizations such as Banking, Educational Institutes, Marketing Organizations, Business Consultancies, Export Companies, Industries and many others, etc.

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