PG Department of Psychology

PG Department of Psychology

The PG department of Psychology was established during the year 2012 seeking to create a welcoming, equitable and inclusive environment that facilitates growth for all students. The department provides undergraduate and postgraduate programs along with a counselling cell for the college students. The PG and Counselling cells were inaugurated during the year 2020 by honourable Vice Chancellor of University of Calicut.


The department is established to provide advanced psychological knowledge to children that can be imparted in working towards a healthy community. The vision of the department is also to promote high academic standards in psychology by creating an optimal and enriching learning environment, fostering personal development and contributing effectively to the needs of society.


The mission of the department includes, but not limited

1. To advance and transmit knowledge related to the nature of psychological processes.

2. To provide a strong foundation in the basic knowledge and skills necessary for advanced study in psychology and related disciplines.

3. To provide an understanding of research designs and statistics

4. Provide competence necessary for successful careers

5. Helping students develop critical thinking skills.


Our Courses


1. BSc. Psychology

2. MSc. Psychology

Faculty Members

Safwa Perumpally Alavi
Bindu E P
Silpa K K
Arwa Binth Abeebacker
Anu Sankar K