The students’ participation in community service is ensured through the National Service Scheme. There are two N.S.S. Units at the College under the supervision of two teachers. The membership in NSS is voluntary. The NSS volunteers take up various socially relevant activities, which result in their own personality development as well as the betterment of the community in and around the institution.
    After the successful completion of specified hours of community service the student becomes eligible for NSS certificate, which will be useful for his/her further studies.

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    Besides NSS, there is also CSS. This scheme ensures all students’ participation in the community service. By this scheme every student has to complete certain work to make him/her eligible for the first university degree..

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    The College Union is an elected body of students. All students of the college shall be members of the union. The College Union elections will be conducted as per the decision of the College Managing Committee. .

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    There will be subject and language associations affiliated to the College Union. Membership in these associations will be determined by the subject or language offered by the college.

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